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Taste our wines and learn about how it's made and what to look for

Wine and food pairing classes

Learn to make cocktails yourself, plus key bar skills to impress your guests!

Learn about wine & cocktails with us



In a few short hours, we take you from wine zero to wine hero!

Our  themed wine classes journey from region to region around the globe.


Whether you're looking to learn more about favourites or discover new experiences, we have a range of skills and wines to suit you.


Pairing with food represents the ultimate in wine pleasure, but it's not easy.


So join us for the do's, don'ts and a whole range of beautiful combinations of flavours in between. You'll leave happy  .. and with a full tummy!


We also explore two levels of cocktail mixology:

1. Cocktail beginner classes focus on key skills and classic recipes, with a dive into the history of what makes a good drink

2. Rarely, and for the more adventurous, we teach advanced mixology skills, focusing on blending flavours, funky techniques and presentation

3-4 Regent Chambers, Cheltenham GL50 1HE

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